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Handbook of Optoelectronics, 2 Vols, Dakin

 The Handbook of Optoelectronics is a one-stop comprehensive reference for designers and researchers of optoelectronic...

36855.00 руб.
Duden – Das groяe Worterbuch der deutschen Sprache in zehn Banden

15603.00 руб.
Aircraft system safety: Military and civil aeronautical applications, D E Kritzinger (2006) Marshall Aerospace, UK

The aerospace industry has always held safety of paramount importance and it has been a leading sector in the take-up...

10382.00 руб.
Industrial Policy, Innovation and Economic Growth Kam, Wong Poh

This text provides an analysis of the development experience of the five most advanced countries in East Asia: Japan,...

9128.00 руб.
Telecommunication Network

This book contains the best papers of the First International Conference on e-Business and Telecommunication Networks...

5963.00 руб.
Research in Finance, Chen

Contains contributions on a range of issues in financial research. This volume includes topics such as - the...

5908.00 руб.
Enzyklop.WTB Eng und Deut Sprache, Muret 1.1A-M

5497.00 руб.
Fachworterbuch Marktwirtschaft Deutsch-Russisch, Price 99

und 7000 deutsche Stichworter mit uber 10000 Ubersetzungen und ca. 6800 Wendungen;
Das moderne und handliche...

5097.00 руб.
Meiji Ceramics

Pressure exerted by America in 1854 caused Japan to open its doors after 260 years of isolation. Virtually uninhabited...

4840.00 руб.
The Modern Style. Art Nouveau 1899-1905 (англ. немец.)

With over 2,500 objects reproduced, this volume features illustrations from the heyday of European Jugendstil/Art...

4477.00 руб.
Magnum Magnum Germ ed

4343.00 руб.
Technik und angewandte Wissenschaften. Russisch - Deutsch (Hardcover)

3962.00 руб.

Мебель: от Готики до Арт Нуво

3678.00 руб.
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3657.00 руб.
3657.00 руб.

I ristoranti piu attuali sembrano aver abbandonato le forzature stilistiche e gli eccessi di spettacolarizzazione...

3630.00 руб.
Language Factory (German), TB + 3 CDs

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3554.00 руб.
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3554.00 руб.
Lust auf Raum. Neue Innenarchitektur in Russland (ger/eng/rus)

Жажда пространства. Новая архитектура интерьера в Росии (нем/англ/рус.яз.)

3509.00 руб.
Capitalist realism. New Architecture in Russia (англ.нем.рус)

Fur die internationale Architekturkritik ist das zeitgenossische Russland ein wei?er Fleck auf der Landkarte. Der...

3509.00 руб.
Sozgorod Ger/Rus


3485.00 руб.
Ornament as Art

Art Nouveau Ornament - contains stunning images for use as a graphic resource, or inspiration.

3388.00 руб.


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