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The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, 14 Vol., Brown

The first edition of "ELL" (1993, Ron Asher, Editor) was hailed as "the field's standard reference work for a...

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Die Enzyklopadie: 24 Volumes

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The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics 8Vol 2e

Written by over 1,500 eminent contributors, this dictionary contains 1,750 articles and 5.8 million words. It serves as...

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Encyclopaedia Britannica 2007,32 Vol

Combines topics with over 238 years of expertise. This title provides both facts as well as articles on various...

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2005 Compton's Encyclopedia, 26 Vol.

The 2005 Compton's by Britannica has been thoroughly reviewed, updated, and revised by educators, expert contributors,...

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Greenwood Encyclopedia of Multiethnic American Literature, Nelson

This wonderfully wide-ranging and comprehensive set is unique in its breadth of coverage of the history, trends, and...

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Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature,  Parini, Jay

This set treats the whole of American literature, from the European discovery of America to the present, with entries...

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Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology with Cd-Rom, Bhushan

As Nanotechnology has turned from marvelous vision into exciting reality, the need for an easily accessible source of...

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Supernatural Literature of the World, Joshi, S.T.; Dziemianowicz, Stefan

This book provides entries on authors, works, and a wide range of topics related to supernatural literature from around...

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Textiles for Protection, R A Scott (2005) RASCOTEX, UK

Covers a variety of areas from materials and design, through protection to specific hazards and finally concluding with...

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Britannica Student Encyclopedia (16 volumes)

Helps school children gain a better understanding of the world around them. This work features articles that are...

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The Social Science Encyclopedia

The new edition of this already classic reference work, which was first published in 1985 to great acclaim from social...

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Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

The ideal dictionary CD-ROM for advanced learners is now available in a network edition for up to 30 simultaneous...

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English Grammar In Use CD-Rom Network Version

This exciting and substantial new CD-ROM offers a wealth of extra practice material covering all the language in...

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Encyclopaedia of Arts and Artists, 9 Vol.

"Encyclopaedia Britannica" presents an exciting 9 volume set covering an array of visual art topics from the...

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Processes and mechanisms of welding  residual stress and distortion, Z Feng (2005) Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

As a fabrication technology, welding presents a number of technical challenges to the designer, manufacturer, and...

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My First Britannica (13 vols) New Ed

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Chemical testing of textiles, Q Fan (2005) University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, USA

"Chemical testing of Textiles" is a comprehensive book aimed at giving a full overview of chemical testing for both...

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Atlas of Pediatric Physical Diagnosis, 5th edition, Zitelli

Provides guidance on the visual diagnosis of pediatric disorders. Containing full color illustrations, this work...

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UV Coatings, Schwalm

Since UV curing is a very ecoefficient and energy saving curing method, the growth rates of UV curable coatings are in...

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FIDE 2004 national reports 3 volume set, Higgins

FIDE (the International Federation for European Law) brings together national associations for European law and their...

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Roof Construction Manual

The Roof Construction Manual is a comprehensive reference work on the construction of pitched roofs, containing over...

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Construction materials manual

Until now, the few existing systematic texts on construction materials have primarily been directed at building...

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Masonry Construction

The construction manuals from Edition Detail have set new standards in the field of specialist literature, becoming an...

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Binocular vision: ocular motility: Vol.5, Noorder

This is a theoretical and practical guide to the study and management of neuromuscular anomalies of the eyes that is...

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