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Harry Potter Hard Cover Boxed Set # 1-7

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History of Venice in Painting

Venice is a magical city. For centuries it has enchanted visitors with its magnificent architecture and romantic canals....
10889.00 руб.
History of paris in painting

Captures the artistic legacy of Paris, the famous French capital.
10889.00 руб.
Skin Lymphoma : The Illustrated Guide, 3rd Edition

Skin lymphomas are relatively rare and can be easily misdiagnosed as psoriasis or dermatitis. These lymphomas can be...
6655.00 руб.
Die Malerei der deutschen Renaissance

6261.00 руб.
Sistine Chapel

The frescoes of the Sistine Chapel are often viewed as a striking study in the contrast between the middle and High...
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Economic Sanctions. Law and Public Policy

Financial sanctions are increasingly important instruments of regulatory and foreign policy. This book provides a detailed...
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Crosses and Crucifixes: Treasures from the 8th to 19th Centuries

5125.00 руб.
Giovanni Bellini

Explores the life and masterworks of Bellini, the artist whose name is synonymous with Venetian Renaissance painting. The...
4402.00 руб.

Organized according to the mediums and genres in which the artist worked, this is a comprehensive survey of Goya's...
4402.00 руб.
Orientalism In Art

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Avedon fashion 1944-2000

Presents a retrospective of the influential fashion photography of Richard Avedon. This book includes more than 200 works...
4392.00 руб.
Force Drawdown: USAF Photo History 1988-1995

The end of the Cold War created a golden opportunity for reducing the defense burden and providing taxpayers with a "Peace...
4365.00 руб.
Nick Knight: Photographs 1994-2009

4344.00 руб.
Wiley GAAP: Interpretation and Application of Gene rally Accepted Accounting Principles 2009

A guide to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). It contains AICPA Accounting Standards Executive Committee...
4325.00 руб.
Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

The sucessful treatment of hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) is the culmination of five decades of experience in the...
4325.00 руб.
The Times Concise Atlas of the World 11th ed

A fully revised new edition of this major world atlas in the leading Times range. Whether planning a vacation, keeping in...
4192.00 руб.
A statistical encyclopedia that includes over 10,000 series of data and covers key aspects of the UK`s economic, social...
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Uniforms and equipment of the central powers in world war i germany & ottoman turkey

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Collection: Landscape Architecture

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Between Eternity and History: Bulgari: From 1884 to 2009

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