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Редкие книги

Venture capital, 3 vols, Wright

There has been massive development in both the venture capital market and in academic research relating to this market....

31315.00 руб.
Treasures in gold

Precious metal and stone work is common to all the peoples on Earth, but in diverse forms depending on historical...

1815.00 руб.
Supernatural Literature of the World, Joshi, S.T.; Dziemianowicz, Stefan

This book provides entries on authors, works, and a wide range of topics related to supernatural literature from around...

17310.00 руб.
Postcards from the Boys (COLLECTOR'S EDITION)

60032.00 руб.
Playboy:The Complete Centerfolds Deluxe

18585.00 руб.
Pickering, Larry, Principles and practice of pediatric infectious

A comprehensive, definitive reference text directed toward the infectious disease practitioner. It covers the...

14573.00 руб.
Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature,  Parini, Jay

This set treats the whole of American literature, from the European discovery of America to the present, with entries...

22190.00 руб.
New York Deco (Deluxe Edition)

5596.80 руб.

9983.00 руб.
Mania days

'As expected from Genesis, the production values of Mania Days is beyond everyone else's standards. In an inspired...

45624.00 руб.
Manet: The Still Life Paintings  George Mauner

The first major book to focus on a crucial aspect of Manet's work. Nearly one fifth of Manet's paintings are still...

2035.00 руб.

A document of war and strife during the 1990s, this volume of photographs by the photojournalist James Nachtwey...

5718.00 руб.
Handbook of hygiene control in the food industry, H Lelieveld (2005) formerly Unilever R&D

Developments such as the demand for minimally-processed foods have placed a renewed emphasis on good hygienic practices...

12778.00 руб.
Georgian Jewellery 1714-1830

Celebrates the quality and style of the eighteenth century and of the endless ingenuity in design and workmanship that...

1998.00 руб.
4073.00 руб.
Elgar Companion to economics of property rights, Colombatto

Economics is a matter of choice and growth, of interaction and exchange among individuals. Because property rights...

11892.00 руб.
Art Jewelry Today 2

2646.00 руб.
Art Jewelry Today

Here is a beautiful new look at contemporary art jewelry. This invaluable reference will guide those who buy, wear,...

2646.00 руб.
ART AND SPIRIT OF PARIS  2vols slipcased

10531.00 руб.
2645.00 руб.


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