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Economics of structural change

Structural change analysis has been a distinctive feature of economics since its formative period. This authoritative...

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Handbook of Optoelectronics, 2 Vols, Dakin

 The Handbook of Optoelectronics is a one-stop comprehensive reference for designers and researchers of optoelectronic...

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Operative Orthopaedics 10E IE Canale

The most trusted and widely used resource in orthopedic surgery is back in an all-new four-color design, providing you...

21191.00 руб.

 Solid State Spectroscopy is a burgeoning field being applied in many branches of science including physics, chemistry,...

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Britannica Illustrated SCIENCE LIBRARY(16 VOLUMES)

Полное 16-томное издание лучшей иллюстрированной книги в мире, наглядно показывающей и объясняющей детям и школьникам...

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Handbook of 3D Integration: Technology and Applications of 3D Integrated Circuits

This two-volume reference is the first encompassing treatise on the accomplished developments, technologies and...

13007.00 руб.
Using cereal science and technology for the benefit of consumers, Cauvain, S P & Salmon, S

The Latest News in Cereal Technology Assembling the combined input from the Proceedings of the 12th International...

12787.00 руб.
Food spoilage microorganisms, C Blackburn (2006) Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre, Unilever, UK

Action by micro-organisms is a common means of food spoilage and ensuring that a product has a suitable shelf-life is a...

12778.00 руб.
Medical textiles and biomaterials for healthcare, S C Anand (2005)

Medical textiles and biomaterials are a significant and important part of the technical textiles industry. They cover a...

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Improving the safety of fresh fruit and vegetables, W Jongen (2005) Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Fresh fruit and vegetables have been identified as a significant source of pathogens and chemical contaminants. As a...

11979.00 руб.
Improving the fat content of foods, C Williams (2006) University of Reading

As health problems, such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes increase in many developed and developing countries,...

11979.00 руб.
Food, diet and obesity, D Mela (2005) Unilever Health Institute, The Netherlands

11979.00 руб.
Emerging foodborne pathogens, Y Motarjemi (2006) Nestec, Switzerland

Developments such as the increasing globalisation of the food industry, constant innovations in technologies and...

11979.00 руб.

11945.00 руб.
Atlas of Pathology of the Skin, Hurvitz

This colour atlas offers an understanding of clinical-pathologic correlation for the identification and treatment of...

11806.00 руб.
Concrete petrography, Sims, Ian

Written by acknowledged experts in the field, this is an addition to the literature on the material properties of...

11529.00 руб.
The Spiritual Seed The Church of the 'Valentinians', Thomassen

11277.00 руб.
Religious scepticism, Key Issues, No 15

The "Key Issues" series makes available some of the contemporary responses that met important books and debates on...

11180.00 руб.
Thyroid & its diseases, Degroot

This text documents many aspects of the thyroid gland and the diseases that it is susceptible to.

11161.00 руб.
Russian Company and Commercial Legislation

Российская компания и коммерческое законодательство
10956.00 руб.
Nanostructure control of materials, R H J Hannink (2006)

Nanostructured materials present exciting opportunities for manipulating structure and properties on the nanometer...

10781.00 руб.

Discussing the changes in advanced welding technologies, this comprehensive book prepares the reader for the modern...

10781.00 руб.

As the finite capacity and pollution problems of fossil fuels grow more pressing, new sources of more sustainable...

10781.00 руб.
Flavour in food, A Voilley (2006) Universit de Bourgogne

The flavour of a food is one of its most important qualities. Edited by two leading authorities in the field, and with...

10781.00 руб.

It is a consumer's instinct to use the sense of touch when choosing a garment; to describe and assess the fabric...

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