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Компьютер и интернет

Careers in the Computer Field

401.00 руб.
Dynamic Web Application with PHP and MYSQL

Dynamic Web Application Development using PHP & MySQL,
Providing an end-to-end view of how modern web...

2852.00 руб.
How To Think Like A Programmer

1834.00 руб.
Core Java 1.1, Horstmann, Cay S.

"Core Java is the best choice for experienced programmers. It is unmatched for technical depth, yet remains highly...

2678.00 руб.
Time bomb 2000, Yourdon, Jennifer

1338.00 руб.
Building N1T Grid Solutions, Carolan

2005.00 руб.
Defend I.T.: security by example, Gupta

The battle between IT professionals and those who use the Internet for destructive purposes is raging--and there is no...

2456.00 руб.
Principles of Dtatabase Systems with Internet and Java Appl., Riccardi

2243.00 руб.
Computer Confluence, Beekman

1905.00 руб.
Ordering Chaos: Regulating the Internet, Ang Peng  Hwa

1382.00 руб.
Security Threat Mitigation and Response, Tesch

2107.00 руб.
Cisco Access Control Security:AAA Administration Service, Carroll

2259.00 руб.
802.11 Wireless Network Site Surveying and Installation, Alexander

2107.00 руб.
Color for Websites PB

As all Web designers know, colour is a crucial ingredient in any website. From the very basic level of attracting...

931.00 руб.
How to design and build the coolest website in cyberspace

The Internet revolution created an explosion of bad design. This book will put a stop to that. So, leave your friends,...

1015.00 руб.
Intelligent IT outsourcing, Willcocks

"Intelligent IT Outsourcing" enables practitioners to focus in on the essential issues that need to be addressed so...

2672.00 руб.
The Maple book Garvan, Frank

1940.00 руб.
Delfin, CD-ROM

1377.00 руб.
The Investment Portfolio User's Manual , Intellipro, Inc.

The Investment Portfolio The Investment Portfolio is a powerful windows-based program that lets the user create,...

2985.00 руб.
Teach Yourself Visually Computers

Two full pounds of beautiful images and explanations that really do teach you what computers and the Internet are all...

2721.00 руб.
Vizz: Outrageous Visual Communication

1872.00 руб.
Object-Oriented Program Development Using Java, Bronson

1915.00 руб.
MCSE Office 97 Professional 6 in 1

2286.00 руб.
Computing, 2nd edition h/b Fr-Eng/Eng-Fr

1361.00 руб.
Digital Design and Manufacturing: CAD/CAM Applications in Architecture and Design Schodek

A reliable, concise guide to computer--aided design and manufacturing Positioned to be the leading book of its kind in...

2572.00 руб.


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