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Художественная литература

Fr?ulein Else Leutnant Gustl

Шницлер. Барышня Эльза. Лейтенант Густль
182.00 руб.
National Identity in Russian Culture   

What is Russia? Who are Russians? What is Russianness? The question of national identity has long been a vexed one in...

1056.00 руб.
Russia and the USSR 1905-1991

This text covers the history of the USSR from the 1905 revolution to the end of the Khrushshev years and beyond to the...

702.00 руб.
Traumnovelle, Gro?druckausgabe

Шницлер. Новелла снов
290.00 руб.
Call for the Dead New Edition

George Smiley had liked the man and now the man was dead. Suicide. But why?

349.00 руб.
Die fr?hliche Wissenschaft

Ницше. Веселая наука
411.00 руб.
How Russia is not Ruled

The state remains as important to Russias prospects as ever. This is so not only because, as in any society, an...

1258.00 руб.
Body Rides

When Neal rescues a woman from a vicious assult, she gives him a magic bracelet, which allows him to step inside other...

349.00 руб.
La vida es sueno

Барка К. Жизнь есть сон
387.00 руб.
Medieval Russia, 980-1584

This revised edition is a concise, yet comprehensive narrative of the history of Russia from the reign of Vladimir I...

1271.00 руб.
Russia in the 21st Centry. The Prodigal Superpower

 This book demonstrates that Russia intends to re-emerge as a full fledged superpower before 2010 that would challenge...

1210.00 руб.
Tom Stoppard: Plays 5

A fifth volume of Stoppard's work, with an introduction by the author. The five plays included are "Arcadia", "The Real...

726.00 руб.
Tom Stoppard: Plays 3

Originally published as "The Television Plays 1965-1984", this collection of Tom Stoppard drama texts includes "A...

484.00 руб.
Tom Stoppard: Plays 2

A collection of Tom Stoppard's radio plays, written between 1964 and 1991, including "In the Native State", which...

580.00 руб.
Harold Pinter: Plays 1

Focuses on the social and cultural turbulence of French New Wave Cinema`s formative years, from 1957 to 1962. This book...

726.00 руб.
Nightmare Town

Elevating mystery fiction to the level of art, Hammett is one of the finest writers of the twentieth century: Nightmare...

463.00 руб.
Word of Honor

The publication of a book--claiming to document the facts about a massacre of civilians that occurred in a French...

325.00 руб.
Bourne Identity. The

325.00 руб.
Shostakovich Casebook

Книга на английском языке. Readers with an interest in literary matters may recall the numerous attempts that have been...

2565.00 руб.

A SF novel about a company which builds planets.

279.00 руб.

279.00 руб.

299.00 руб.
Cry of the Owl

Robert Forester didn`t look like the kind of man to be a prowler. However, his ex-wife has told the police he was...

333.00 руб.
Акунин. Азазель
436.00 руб.
Boy Who Followed Ripley. The

Psychologically intricate and hauntingly perverse, this work covers various notions of friendship, gender, and morality...

333.00 руб.


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