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Художественная литература


Крахт. 1979
568.00 руб.
10- Moving Pictures

The alchemists of the Discworld have discovered the magic of the silver screen. But what is the dark secret of Holy...

279.00 руб.
100 Best-Loved Poems

Смит. 100 поэм о любви
61.00 руб.
100 Selected Stories

Offers collection of 100 of author`s finest stories. This volume describes life south of the Rio Grande and chronicles...

85.00 руб.
158-pound Marriage. The

A novel by the author of "The World According to Garp", "The Hotel New Hampshire", "The Cider House Rules", "A Prayer...

325.00 руб.
16 Uhr 50 ab Paddington

Кристи. 4,50 из Паддингтона
594.00 руб.

This is the audiobook version of George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four", a novel attacking totalitarianism. It is a...

325.00 руб.
20 000 Leagues Under the Sea

Professor Aronnax, his faithful servant, Conseil, and the Canadian harpooner, Ned Land, begin a hazardous voyage to rid...

85.00 руб.
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Verne's classic tale of Captain Nemo and the submarine the Nautilus has hugely influenced twentieth-century popular...

122.00 руб.
2010: Odyssey Two

A paperback edition of a science fiction novel which follows 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY, and features astronaut Dave Bowman...

325.00 руб.
22- Last Continent. The

It`s the Discworld`s last continent and it`s going to die in a few days, except... Who is this hero striding across the...

279.00 руб.
24 Hours

Илес. 24 часа
290.00 руб.
24- Fifth Elephant. The

Sam Vimes is a man on the run. Yesterday he was a duke, a chief of police and the ambassador to the mysterious,...

279.00 руб.
3 by Shakespeare

145.00 руб.
3001: Final Odyssey

325.00 руб.
31 song

Хорнби. 31 песня
409.00 руб.
31 songs

Хорнби. 31 песня
304.00 руб.
4 Blondes

Бушнел.Четыре блондинки.
290.00 руб.
4.50 From Paddington

Mrs. McGillicuddy has trouble convincing anyone that she has seen a man strangle a woman on a passing train and turns...

285.00 руб.
5th Horseman

Паттерсон. 5-ый Всадник
264.00 руб.
6-book Boxed Set: "Emma", "Pride and Prejudice" & others

Джейн Остен. Эмма, Гордость и предубеждение и др. Комплект из 6 книг в коробке. Подарочное издание
1972.00 руб.
7 Contos

Эса ди Кейрош. 7 рассказов. (Португальский язык)
69.00 руб.
99 francs

Бэгбедер. 99 франков
515.00 руб.
A Bend in the road

Спаркс.Изгиб дороги
254.00 руб.
A Bottomless Grave and Other

Лэмб. Бездонная могила и др. истории
158.00 руб.


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