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Woman and the Ape

Madelene is married to Burden, an ambitious zoologist, comfortably off and a chronic alcoholic. The ape is Erasmus, who...

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What Men Think About Sex

Tim and Rob are 20-somethings who both fall madly in lust with an American who has to come to work in their office, the...

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A new thriller by the best-selling author combines suspense with the latest in scientific knowledge.

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The Asia Book HB

Explores Asia in detail, showing the insider view of the place through images and text. This book features: full colour...

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Joanna Cotler Books 9780446600668 30069111 Strip Tease 0446600660 Murder, politics, and G-strings collide in this caper...

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Six Reasons to Stay a Virgin

Emily refuses to sleep with anyone while she`s looking for Mr Right. Because of this, Emily is the most irritating...

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Sequel to "The Godfather", this describes the ending of Michael Corleone's exile in Sicily, his search for Salvatore...

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Roy Lichtenstein: Beginning to End

The Fundacion Juan March (Madrid) presents a selection of 97 works created between 1966 and 1997 by Roy Lichtenstein...

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Prices, Reproduction, Scarcity, Bidard

In this definitive and exhaustive study, Christian Bidard develops a theory of prices of production. This theory, of...

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Portnoy's Complaint

Philip Roth's bestselling novel, which takes the form of a monologue featuring the confession of a comic character who...

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Philip's Reference World Atlas,

Along with 128 pages of authoritative physical and political maps, this atlas provides a wealth of detailed reference...

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New Moon

Если нужен компактный недорогой сейф, нужно купить мебельный сейф...

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Kelvin - Colour Today

Color is playing an increasingly significant role in global visual communication. It is being used more than ever to...

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Jacqueline Hassink: Car Girls

It takes an artist with the astute eye of Holland's Jacqueline Hassink to capture the actual oddness of the use of...

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Hospitality management strategies, Nykiel

Providing an understanding of how the industry develops, grows, and operates, this is a guide to managerial strategies...

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History of Russia, c.882-1996

'Reliable, interesting, stimulating, readable.' - A.V. Knowles, Journal of Russian Studies 'A good introduction to the...

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Graphis photography annual 2005

A stylistic tour de force, this is the definitive yearbook of photographic art-a medium that continues to evolve. The...

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Fashionably Late

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Don't Read This Book If Stupid

A series of humourous short stories starting in misery and dropping towards despair. One character has a quest to read...

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Concise Oxford English Dictionary  (Hb)

Containing over 240,000 words, phrases, and definitions, this edition provides description of the English language. It...

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Click, Tancer, Bill

What time of year do teenage girls search for prom dresses online? How does the quick adoption of technology affect...

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Certain girls

The internationally bestselling author re-introduces us to the much-loved heroine of GOOD IN BED, Cannie Shapiro:...

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Features a satirical indicement of military madness and stupidity, and the desire of the ordinary man to survive it....

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Breakfast of Champions

The author of "Slaughterhouse 5" and "Hocus Pocus" satirizes the horrors of plastic, disposable America with a mixture...

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Bare beaches

Туристический путеводитель

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