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Architectural Details:Pillars

854.00 руб.
854.00 руб.
854.00 руб.
Offers advice on the principles, practice and techniques of architectural design. This book introduces the reader to the...
919.00 руб.
Architectural Interiors: Spas

As more people are getting in touch with their inner wellbeing, spas are the top choice destination for those after a...
666.00 руб.
2306.00 руб.
1461.00 руб.
Architecture in Wood

New from acclaimed photographer Will Pryce, co-author of the bestselling Brick: A World History, comes the first...
1328.00 руб.
Architecture of Parking Pb

An international survey of one of the most neglected but most important building types of the modern era: the parking...
1117.00 руб.
Art Invention House

An extraordinary volume featuring the most exciting new residential architecture around the world.
1100.00 руб.
Asian Bar and Restorant Design

With texts, photos and a selection of the best in bar and restaurant design in Asia, this book focuses on the Southeast...
1403.00 руб.
Asian Ivory

4653.00 руб.
At home in the heartland

Contains a photographed essay and helps tour the remarkable architecture of the Midwest. This book reveals the places and...
447.00 руб.
Avant gardeners

Profiles the fifty contemporary landscape practices from around the world. With between four and six case studies for each...
1315.00 руб.
Baroque Ornament CD-ROM and Book

829.00 руб.
Basics interior architecture: elements and objects

1183.00 руб.

672.00 руб.

1038.00 руб.
Best of Cutler Anderson Architects

"Best of Cutler Anderson Architects" presents the firm's outstanding designs from two previous books, "James Cutler" (from...
1024.00 руб.
Bettina Rheims:Retrospective

2312.00 руб.
Bizarre buildings

Bizarre Buildings is a collection of outrageous oddities and extravagant exceptions--a celebration of unique works of...
658.00 руб.
Bridge architecture + design

2142.00 руб.
Building Architectural Models

Whether you intend to add flair to your office presentation or charm to your model train set, this book will give you...
870.00 руб.
Buildings: Innovation + Technology

This volume and its companion, "Interiors" (ISBN 9781864703283), showcase the work of Studios Architecture, an...
835.00 руб.
Bungalows Updating

267.00 руб.


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