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Книги по искусству

Medieval Knights, Armor and Weapons CD-ROM and Book

1122.00 руб.
Mediterranean Modern

Part of the "Design House" series, this book presents contemporary architect-designed houses through lifestyle-oriented...
1315.00 руб.
Meissen Collectors' Catalogue, The

Early in the 20th century Meissen published two editions of a catalogue of the porcelain manufactured by the factory in...
3616.00 руб.
Miami. Trends and Traditions

A wide-ranging photographic documentation of some of the most beautiful and most important buildings in the city of Miami,...
281.00 руб.
Micro architecture

Contains forty projects that draw on technologies from the nautical and aviation industries, as well as natural forms, to...
1117.00 руб.
Micro Pb

854.00 руб.
Modern Interiors Designsource

Part of the "DesignSource" series, this book contains ultra-modern interior residential designs. It includes examples of...
822.00 руб.
MODERN TOWNHOUSE:The  Latest in Urban & Suburban Design

A townhouse is a residence that combines the best amenities of a single-family home and a condominium. This book provides...
1442.00 руб.
2636.00 руб.
New asian style

NEW ASIAN STYLE celebrates the growing trend toward globalisation in interior decorating. More than 30 stunning...
561.00 руб.
New bar and club design Pb

1315.00 руб.
New Classicists: Wadia Associates: Residential Architecture of Distinction

While remaining loyal to traditional classical design, Wadia`s finely detailed residences display a remarkable versatility...
2782.00 руб.
New Forms: Plans & Detail for Contemporary Architects

Reveals the details of a building`s design and construction. This book features drawings that reveal how some of the...
2109.00 руб.
Much of modern architecture has been conceived using glass to create minimal structures. This book begins with an...
1282.00 руб.
1404.00 руб.
New Spas And Resorts

The increasing understanding of the importance of health and well-being combined with the emphasis on beauty in our...
2059.00 руб.
New Stone Architecture Pb

1315.00 руб.
New Urban Giants: The Ultimate Skyscapers

Tells the story of the design and building of 31 structures, from corporate headquarters to residential towers to luxury...
1530.00 руб.
New Urban Housing Pb

As cities have grown, housing has had to be provided to accommodate the increasing population. Driven primarily by the...
1315.00 руб.
Offices DesignSource

Work must be a breeze in such snazzy, streamlined and efficient office spaces. Ca izares presents a selection of offices...
822.00 руб.
Open Kitchens

Reflection of the house and its inhabitants, modern kitchens still incorporate the genuine soul of a living space. This...
702.00 руб.
Ornament and Design of the Alhambra

780.00 руб.
Out Of The Square:Unique Contemporary Residences

Features homes that challenge the concept of domestic architecture. This book covers concrete, steel, polycarbonate and...
843.00 руб.
Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces

1162.00 руб.
Outdoor Spaces: Good Ideas

Whether living in the city, the suburbs, in the countryside, or near the water, an outdoor space provides an intrinsic...
1027.00 руб.


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