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1947.00 руб.
Guide to the architecture of London

`The definitive guide to London`s architecture` INDEPENDENT
1398.00 руб.
Historical Teddy Bear

Teddy bears have been made and loved for more than a hundred years. Over 600 beautiful color and black & white images...
2034.00 руб.
Home: Best of Interior Design Pb

814.00 руб.
Hotel Spaces

This book, divided into room types such as lobbies, restaurants, bars, lounges, guest-rooms, spas and sports facilities,...
1089.00 руб.
Hotel Stories

702.00 руб.
House on a Budget

Featuring 18 homes, this work helps you learn about actual costs, levels of architectural service, the home owners and the...
429.00 руб.
The configuration of a home is always a current topic. This superlative illustrated volume presents contemporary...
1123.00 руб.

1812.00 руб.
In this new book, the bestselling architectural design author Sarah Susanka expands her familiar and popular message once...
561.00 руб.
Interior Architecture Now (pb)

An introduction to the key names and projects in contemporary interior architecture, this book covers the work of 55...
1315.00 руб.
Interiors: Collaboration + Technology

This volume, and its companion "Buildings" (ISBN 9781864703290) showcase the work of Studios Architecture, an...
835.00 руб.
Jackson's Silver and Gold Marks of England.scotland & Ireland

The classic reference work on British antique silver hallmarks. The original 1905 Jackson's has been revised by a...
2754.00 руб.

Of all the French dollmakers, for over half a century, Jumeau reigned supreme. Originally made as playthings, many of...
1452.00 руб.
Korea 7

Korea is a very popular destination for people looking to teach English. This guidebook covers both South and North Korea....
936.00 руб.
Korea Style

770.00 руб.
L'affaire de Wood: Sustainable French Timber Houses

Illustrates the versatility of wood as a construction material.
990.00 руб.

658.00 руб.
Offers ideas for incorporating work into the home. This title presents profiles of about two dozen home offices. Some of...
660.00 руб.
Living Together: Multi-family Housing Today

Today, more than ever, multi-family housing is recognised as vital to modern, urban communities. This type of housing...
1947.00 руб.
Living West: New Residential Architecture in Southern California

1973.00 руб.
London historical atlas of architec

A visual guide to London`s architectural history, both the city`s heart and its individual boroughs. This book is an...
658.00 руб.
London houses

1062.00 руб.
Malibu has long been recognized for both its associations with movie stars, musicians, and other celebrities as well as...
702.00 руб.
Masterpieces of Eighteenth-Century French Ironwork: With Over 300 Illustrations

763.00 руб.


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