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Книги по искусству

The "Rolling Stones":  Limited Edition

From March 1965 to May 1966, photographer Bent Rej enjoyed unique access to The Rolling Stones, accompanying them on...

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Playboy:The Complete Centerfolds Deluxe

18585.00 руб.
Playboy: The complete Centerfolds

wWith the first Centerfold, who just happened to be the radiant Marilyn Monroe, Hugh Hefner masterminded a cultural...

16809.00 руб.
El Bulli 2003-2004

Ferran Adria is widely considered to be the most innovative, most influential, and indeed the greatest chef in the...

14823.00 руб.
El Bulli 1994-1997

El Bulli has received acclaim throughout the world as one of the best and most innovative restaurants.

Now this...

14823.00 руб.
Greenwood Companion to Shakespeare, Rosenblum

 Provides extensive information regarding the celebrated playwright's life and body of work, and discusses Tudor...

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13976.00 руб.

The fourth edition of this textbook on cement and concrete has been revised and updated to take account of recent...

13374.00 руб.
ART AND SPIRIT OF PARIS  2vols slipcased

10531.00 руб.

9983.00 руб.
Keramikmarken-Lexikon 1885-1935

Марки фарфора 1885-1935
9881.00 руб.
Der Garten von Eichstatt

Сады Айхштаата
9834.00 руб.
Weston , Edward - Life Work

Published in conjunction with a show organized by Curatorial Assistance Traveling Exhibitions (Los Angeles), this...

9801.00 руб.
The Arnhold Collection of Meissen Porcelain: 1710-50

Собрание Майсенского Фарфора: 1710-50

9240.00 руб.
Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century Architecture, The

Divided into six world regions, this atlas provides an overview of global and local trends in architecture for a wide...

8109.00 руб.
Tapies II  - Schuber, 5

7898.00 руб.
Santiago Calatrava - Art works

Drawings and sculptures as the basis for architectural design Over the last 20 years, Santiago Calatrava has made...

7685.00 руб.
Phaidon Design Classics, A three volume set

 Includes classic objects created by great and internationally renowned designers, and anonymously designed pieces....

7623.00 руб.

7564.00 руб.
Richard Rogers Complete Works (3 volume set)

The first volume of his complete works, which covers the period 1961-88, this book features all of Roger's early work....

7563.00 руб.
Magnum Magnum

7392.00 руб.
Frankenthaler John Elderfield

Helen Frankenthaler, an early pioneer of the stained-canvas method, has produced a body of paintings, sculpture and...

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GA Architect 17 - Toyo Ito 1970-2001

6978.00 руб.
Marilyn Monroe, Stern, Bert

Takes a multi-skill approach to international management, building on the various sub-areas which make up the field,...

6490.00 руб.

Rafael Vinoly became famous as the architect of the Tokyo International Forum (1989-1996). In Japan, where land is at a...

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