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Политика и институты государственной власти

America Right or Wrong

A controversial and timely exploration of the dark side of American idealism - and its potentially dangerous consequences...
512.00 руб.
Armed Madhouse

799.00 руб.
Audacity of Hope

358.00 руб.

547.00 руб.
Crunch, The

Presents a story of greed, mismanagement and dithering in which bankers seeking to make a quick buck, regulators engaged...
391.00 руб.
Democracy Kills

670.00 руб.
Economic Sanctions. Law and Public Policy

Financial sanctions are increasingly important instruments of regulatory and foreign policy. This book provides a detailed...
5590.00 руб.

Shows how the author pursued the idea of interviewing Richard Nixon and tries to bring the ex-President to confront his...
447.00 руб.
George W.Bushisms

Judge for yourself. Here are over 100 memorable misstatements by America`s syntactically challenged president, collected,...
410.00 руб.
Hammer And Tickle

419.00 руб.
Hot, Flat, and Crowded

Thomas Friedman's phenomenal "The World is Flat" helped millions of people see globalization in a new way. Now he takes a...
532.00 руб.
Intellectual Property Law offers an introduction to the complex and technical area of commercial law that covers...
1198.00 руб.
1989 was a year of revolution: it marked the collapse of communism in Eastern and Central Europe and an end to an entire...
978.00 руб.
Middle of nowhere, the

This inspirational book, fostering the spirit of exploration, is about appreciating, and seeking out, adventures in all...
1464.00 руб.
Mike's Election Guide 2008

Why should I vote? It only encourages them. Can my vote be bought (and what`s the starting price)? The candidates seem to...
372.00 руб.
New cold war

The first book to explain how the Kremlin`s increasingly authoritarian and aggressive stance threatens Europe, America and...
539.00 руб.
In this chilling narrative, award-winning Washington Post reporter Robert O'Harrow uncovers the frightening new alliance...
426.00 руб.
Rise and Fall of Communism, The

Tracing the story of Communism from its nineteenth-century roots, the book shows how the political movement Karl Marx...
1165.00 руб.
State Of Denial

1343.00 руб.
On 7 December 2006, in a Highgate Cemetery, a Russian was buried within a stone`s throw of the grave of Karl Marx. He was...
447.00 руб.
The Red Flag

Communism was one of the most powerful political forces of the twentieth century. At the height of their influence,...
1331.00 руб.
What Next?

The global triumph of liberal democracy, with the world made in America and Europe`s image, has failed to materialize....
532.00 руб.
Who runs britain?

BBC Business Editor Robert Peston lifts the lid on credit crunch Britain and the rise of the super-rich.
449.00 руб.
Why Are We at War?

358.00 руб.


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