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Энциклопедии и справочные материалы

1643.00 руб.
A Dictionary of Biology

Fully revised and updated for the sixth edition, this market-leading dictionary is the perfect guide for anyone studying...
479.00 руб.
A Dictionary of Business and Management

7,000 authoritative entries cover all aspects of business and management including marketing, accounting, organizational...
479.00 руб.
A Dictionary of Economics

A best-selling dictionary containing over 2,500 entries. Wide-ranging and authoritative, it covers all aspects of...
426.00 руб.
A Dictionary of Law

This best-selling dictionary contains over 4,200 clear and concise entries on all aspects of English law. The new edition...
479.00 руб.
A to z of britain and ireland

1464.00 руб.
A statistical encyclopedia that includes over 10,000 series of data and covers key aspects of the UK`s economic, social...
4153.00 руб.
Complete Polysyllabic Spree, The

Explores works from the classic to the graphic novel, as well as poems, plays, sports books and other kinds of...
426.00 руб.
Dictionary of computer & Internet Terms 10th

664.00 руб.
Dictionary of English Phrases

Offers a survey of English phrases. This book takes over 6000 phrases, explains their meaning, explores their development...
904.00 руб.
A comprehensive and authoritative dictionary, now fully revised and updated. Covers every aspect of personal and...
585.00 руб.
Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms 7 Ed.

More than 5,000 terms related to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, banking, tax laws, and transactions in the various financial...
664.00 руб.
Contains 4,500 key terms used in the insurance industry. This book is suitable for agents, brokers, actuaries,...
664.00 руб.
A guide for small business owners, internet marketers, advertising artists and copywriters, media analysts, business...
664.00 руб.
Dictionary of Mathematics Terms 3ed.

Defines more than 700 terms related to algebra, geometry, analytic geometry, trigonometry, probability, statistics, logic,...
620.00 руб.
Dictionary of real estate terms 7ed.

Accounts for changes in the real estate market, including the subprime crisis and other financial issues. This book...
620.00 руб.
Edge of Science, The

How did the universe begin and how will it end? What happens to us when we die? Do intelligent beings exist elsewhere in...
488.00 руб.
Encyclopedia Of Military Jets

988.00 руб.
From Altoids To Zima

A history of 150 recognized brand names, written by the creator of the award-winning "Word Detective" Web site, provides...
537.00 руб.
Good Web Site Guide 2008, The

Finding Google a gamble? Yahoo a bit of a hoo-ha? Are you not asking Jeeves the right questions? The up-to-date guide to...
359.00 руб.
I Wish I Hadn’t Said That

Did you ever have the uneasy feeling that the experts are not ...well, experts? 'We don't like their sound. Groups of...
307.00 руб.
Law Dictionary 5 Ed.

A quick reference source for lawyers, law students, legal professionals and the interested layperson, this book defines...
664.00 руб.
Little oxford dictionary of quotations

The perfect gift for every occasion. Packed with 4,000 quotable quotes new and old, this little book offers the words of...
532.00 руб.
Loch ness monsters and raining frogs

What happened to the Mary Celeste? Where is the Mona Lisa? Is the Loch Ness Monster really a circus elephant? Will the...
372.00 руб.

Describes how the Gospel of Judas was discovered, why it was historically denounced as heresy, and what it says about the...
1058.00 руб.


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