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A Writer's People

Offers the insights and observations of the author on literature, history and cultural sensibility.
503.00 руб.
Agatha Christie’S Secret Notebooks: Fifty Years Of Mysteries In The Making - Includes Two Unpublished Poirot Stories

1025.00 руб.

In a chest of drawers bequeathed by his grandmother, Randal Keynes discovered a child's writing case, which had been in...
439.00 руб.
Dancing The Dream

768.00 руб.
Diary of Samuel Pepys: Selected Passages

381.00 руб.
Dickens' Journalism

Trade paperback of the last volume in the critically acclaimed Dent series of Dickens` Journalism
792.00 руб.
Everyday drinking

479.00 руб.
Graham Greene: Life In Letters

* The first book of Graham Greene`s letters - the most intimate record we have of a life lived at the heart of modern history
585.00 руб.
Heart of the Dog

A rich, successful Moscow professor befriends a stray dog and attempts a scientific first by transplanting into it the...
391.00 руб.
Letters Of Evelyn Waugh

The dazzling letters of one of our finest novelists - reissued in Phoenix paperback.
605.00 руб.
Love letters of great men HB

Collects some of the most romantic letters in history. This book presents various shades of love, from the exquisite...
559.00 руб.

The first collection of non-fiction by the bestselling author of Fight Club and Diary Chuck Palahniuk's world has been,...
391.00 руб.

372.00 руб.
Selected letters

Contains some of the finest and most enjoyable of the author`s letters.
538.00 руб.
The Diaries Of Evelyn Waugh

The diaries of one of our finest novelists - a unique literary document, reissued in Phoenix paperback.
605.00 руб.
The Letters of William S. Burroughs

638.00 руб.
The ghost of the Yellow Peril has been resurrected, the nineteenth-century anti-Darwin debate has been reopened, and...
488.00 руб.
Wartime Women

A unique document offering unrivalled insight into women`s minds and lives during the Second World War.
419.00 руб.
Yage letters

A mix of travel writing, satire, psychedelia and epistolary novel.
692.00 руб.


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