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Учебные курсы и материалы по преподаванию и изучению языка

1001 Most Useful Spanish Words

98.00 руб.
Translates 2001 expressions from French to English, and from English to French. This book contains entries that are...
754.00 руб.
Divided into two parts, this book lists Spanish idioms with their English meanings, and presents English idioms with...
754.00 руб.
754.00 руб.
501 Italian Verbs + CD,3 Ed.

754.00 руб.
754.00 руб.
Aspects of the Novel

Collection of literary lectures by E.M. Forster, published in 1927. For the purposes of his study, Forster defines the...
532.00 руб.
English365 is a Business and general English course. It is for learners who want to develop their English skills for their...
422.00 руб.
First French Reader: A Beginner's Dual-Language Book

559.00 руб.
French Idioms 2 Ed.

398.00 руб.
In-Flight Dutch

625.00 руб.
Italian Idioms 3ed.

Lists more than 2,000 Italian idioms, along with their English language meanings. This book contains entries which include...
443.00 руб.
Listen & Learn Mandarin Chinese: 2 CD

700.00 руб.
On Literature

After the opening essay on the general significance of literature, Eco examines a number of major authors from the Western...
880.00 руб.
Painless Reading Comprehension

Designed for use in high school classrooms, as well as at home, transforming subjects that are normally dreaded by many...
398.00 руб.
Say It in Danish

242.00 руб.
Say It in Finnish

292.00 руб.
Say It in Greek

242.00 руб.
242.00 руб.
292.00 руб.
292.00 руб.
Say It in Swedish

292.00 руб.
398.00 руб.
The Art of Styling Sentences

Accepted writing style conventions change very slowly, but they do change. That is all the more reason why this favourite...
397.00 руб.


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